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Project-Based Learning For Grades 6-16

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9 Step Method

This 9 Step Method teaches you how to take your idea and turn it into a working product sample that you can then present to a corporation or manufacturer.

ABC’s of Storytelling

If a product doesn’t tell a great story, it will never win the attention of a consumer. Good stories do more than entertain; they captivate us, evoke a myriad of emotions, and inspire us.

1,2,3’s of 3D Printing

Three-dimensional printers have revolutionized the process of model fabrication in the 21st century. Now, instead of hand-crafting a model of a proposed product, you can design it using software, send the file to a 3D printer, and let technology do the rest!

Teaching Innovation With Inventionland's Method

Get a glimpse of teachers and students experiences in a collaborative hands-on learning environment driven by Inventionland's 9-step Innovation method supported by teachers resources and lesson plans.

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About The Institute

Project-Based Learning For Grades 6-16

This course is project-based learning dedicated to introducing Students to the critical entrepreneurial skills needed to Succeed in the 21st century. Its creators bring over two decades of professional industry Design experience. They've taken their own proven method, Which has brought hundreds of products to market, and Developed it into a class that engages students while They learn real world inventing.

  • 9 Step Method

    It is what separates an idea from a new product sample

  • ABC's of Storytelling

    Make sure your product gets noticed

  • 1,2,3's of 3D Printing

    It's how you support product design

The class culminates in a final exam like no other!

The students present their pitches to a team of professionals, who will provide honest feedback while encouraging the development of their inventive idea.

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