A New Learning Environment is Born

We are so proud to have participated in the big unveiling of the all-new CIRC Lab — which stands for Creativity Innovation Research Center — at Haine Elementary School in Cranberry Township, PA! It was a fun-filled day that included student-led tours, demonstrations, a meet-and-greet, and lots of other activities that highlighted the creativity and[…]


Inventionland’s Teacher of The Month!

This month’s Teacher Feature focuses on Mike Lincoln of Avonworth! Mr. Lincoln is a veteran instructor of the Inventionland Institute’s Innovation Course. He has seen firsthand how the numerous skills and collaborative learning of the course have made an impact on his students, and he can’t wait to get back into the groove and start[…]

5 Must-Haves For A Creative Classroom

Here at Inventionland, we’re big fans of creative environments. We’re pretty sure the castle, pirate ship, tree house, and raceway gave that away! Did you know that you can build your own creative kingdom without the castle? Here are 5 quick tips to add a little innovation to the typical classroom.   Wall Art. Go[…]