Project-based learning that builds “self-a-STEAM”


9 Step Method

Inventionland product development process, this proven method has brought hundreds of products to the market.


Inventionland Institute provides professional development, technical/equipment solutions, training and consulting to integrate our course into your environment.


Our courseware, teacher resources and learning kits provide a “pull through” discovery experience. We don’t “push” the skills or subjects.

Unlock Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Student-led and teacher-facilitated, this engaging course will change the way you think about learning and teaching. Fueled by passion and inspiration, students will discover valuable skills. Witness the enjoyment and transformation of your students as they take ownership of their education while sharpening their skills and developing their talents.

Innovation Course

Students in elementary, middle, high school and college experience real world innovation and entrepreneurship. Our Innovation Course aligns with core academic standards and helps students build the following 21st Century skills:

  • Observation
  • Brainstorming
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Ideation
  • Making
  • Building
  • Visual Art
  • Communication
  • Presentation

See our Innovation Course in Action

Conditions “before” Innovation

We will help students, teachers, principals and superintendents set up for success by implementing these critical conditions in your school.



First and foremost, we need support and commitment from our leaders to allow innovation to take place. It could be funding, an allocation of time and/or resources, or culture. In school districts, school buildings, classrooms or at home, there must be leadership to set things into motion.


An immersive environment will enable a feeling of absorption, freedom and concentration which allows our minds to unlock their full potential. The creative space is open and flexible with no physical barriers.

3Discovery process

Our 9 Step Method is a building block framework that incrementally takes a person through discovery and, ultimately, learning individually and in a team.


Working in teams and through collaborative experiences with teachers and other students, we connect on multiple levels and leverage ideas and skills from one another. This is the power in numbers and the recognition that diversity in thought and practice unleashes our true potential as innovators.


We discover things along our journey. With passion and commitment, we believe people should be prepared to experience failure with an understanding that there is growth from it. Never give up on your ideas. Fuel your creative self with determination and passion.

Creativeland Classrooms

Our Creativeland classrooms are optimistic, immersive learning environments that inspire teachers and students alike.

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Inventionland Institute’s featured partners are industry leaders whose generosity helps us bring project-based learning to the classroom.

Intermediate Unit 1
Allegheny Vocational Systems
Buckeye Vocational Systems

About Us

Building “self-a-STEAM”

We are hands-on, project-based learning that teaches the real-world knowledge needed to succeed in the classroom and in life. Our innovation framework is the creative environment that fosters better attendance, attitude, and achievement. At the Inventionland Institute, we believe in setting a new Standard of Innovation™ 

Students gain “self-a-STEAM” by growing in the following areas:

  • Higher self-motivation
  • Stronger self-confidence
  • Persistence
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Greater engagement in school
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Greater capacity for independent project-based learning
  • Using 3D printers and laser cutters
  • Verbal communication and computer design skills

    Student engagement goes up


    Student excitement goes up


    Student accomplishment goes up

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