Courseware K-12

Courseware designed to inspire and empower the imagination (K-12.)

The power and flexibility of Inventionland Institute’s real-world courseware gives students the freedom to explore their ideas. Inventionland Institute’s cloud-based software has the power to unlock individual and team learning-by-doing experiences that can bring their biggest ideas into reality.

K-5 Elementary

Middle School

High School


Integrating innovation and collaboration into your K-12 classroom.

Experience real world inventing, innovation and entrepreneurship. As your students bring their ideas to life, they also will build a solid foundation of career-ready skills. Students will learn how to use observational skills, develop ideas, research ideas, design, make, package and present them. Students are taught how to create their own products and pitch them… think Shark Tank.

9-Step Method

The 9-step method follows a method that is based on real-world inventing that is available to see in stores nationwide. Students use this process to develop their idea into a fully-formed product, ready to be sold on the market and prepares them to become the innovation officers of tomorrow.

Invention Contests

Students follow our ABC’s of Storytelling steps, which teach them how to script, shoot, and edit a pitch for their product. This type of public speaking puts their marketing knowledge to the test and becomes part of their product pitch for the final part of the course which is an Invention Contest.

Alternative Schools

Some of our most challenging students can excel when the courses are designed to fit their interests. In our course it’s their ideas and bringing those ideas to life. That motivates them and before they know it, they are engaging with the teachers, as well as, collaborating with the other students.

Student Outcomes

Students will learn to collaborate, gain self-confidence and develop their creativity while building career-ready skills.

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