Professional Development

Bringing professional development in STEM
and STEAM training to your school district.

We provide ongoing resources to ensure your success in the classroom. Get certified and learn how to navigate our online portal, and experience our curriculum first-hand in an accelerated training session.

Course Training

Teachers who go through our three day intensive course training earn Act 48 credit and can become trainers for their district or state ESA like PA’s  Intermediate Units, Ohio’s ESC or New York’s BOCES.

Day of Innovation

Our one day course allows teachers to learn individual project-based activities that are immediately applicable in the classroom. These activities are suitable for kindergarten through college aged students and are specifically designed to allow students to be active and engaged in their learning while simultaneously having fun.

3D Printing 101
& Laser Cutting 101

These two courses are able to give teachers a more in-depth and hands-on experience with either a Laser Cutting or 3D Printing machine.

The teachers become the students in our three day intensive professional development course.

During the course, teachers go step-by-step through the Innovation Course Curriculum. They journey through the course as though they are a student, which allows each teacher to get an in-depth look into the work their students will be doing. Each teacher will come up with their own problem, solution, product pitch and sample invention. The goal is to give teachers hands-on experience with the 9-Step Method and The ABC’s of Storytelling.

Professional Development

Providing knowledge to ensure your success in the classroom.

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