Innovation in the Classroom

To say classrooms have evolved over the past 30 years is an understatement. Thirty years ago, a teacher was considered innovative and thinking out of the box if she signed up for one of the televisions stored in the library, carefully rolled it on the cart down the hall, and brought in a VHS clip[…]

The Next Day of Innovation

The Next Day of Innovation

People may be born with creativity, but innovation is a craft which must be taught. Here at Inventionland, we believe anyone has the potential to be a great innovator, if given the proper tools to succeed. To that end, we’ve developed the Inventionland Institute Innovation Course, designed to unlock a student’s potential by engaging them[…]

Inventionland Meeting Launches Partnership with PA Intermediate Unit 1 Officials

Though the doors to our creative design facility are always open for public tours, this week, we welcomed members of Pennsylvania’s Intermediate Unit 1 (IU1) to Inventionland for a strategic planning session. IU1 is one of 29 Intermediate Units in Pennsylvania and the regional education agency provides strategic support to the students, families, teachers, administrators and[…]