STEAM Lesson Plan: Exploring the Effects of Salt on Ice

Lesson Plan Title: Exploring the Effects of Salt on Ice Grades: K-12 Baby, it’s cold outside. And that means it’s also icy. Many times, school is canceled if the roads are deemed dangerous for driving, but that can be avoided by salting the roads.  We see salt trucks everywhere during the winter months, and our[…]

Eric Stoudnor, Altoona Area High School Teacher

Teacher Feature: Eric Stoudnor, Altoona Area High School

Eric Stoudnour has been teaching at Altoona Area High School for over 25 years. As a chemistry teacher, he’s been showing teens the wonders of science and as a teacher always looking for new ways to inspire his students, he is one of the first adopters of the Inventionland Institute Curriculum. He doesn’t just offer[…]

Not Just Your Everyday Inventing Curriculum…

Without a doubt, 3D printing, STEM education and project-based learning are three aspects of our inventing curriculum that we tout when we’re meeting with educators who are interested in upping the innovative options around their schools. But, in addition to helping institutions implement those aspects into their coursework through our curriculum, we’re actually able to help[…]

Pitch Presentations: Real Life Inventing in Action!

Sometimes, hands-on curriculum calls for that “see-it-to-believe-it” proof and that’s exactly what we’re bringing to you today. Thanks to our Pitch Presentations, you can get a glimpse into the project-based learning involved in the Inventionland Institute curriculum. We’ve created a short video to highlight exactly “what students are capable of when given the skills and given the[…]

The Kiski School Completes Inaugural Semester of Inventionland Institute Course with Product Showcase at Inventionland!

It’s been an innovative few months as the first semester of our Inventionland Institute curriculum has continued to gather STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) across the Pittsburgh region. On Tuesday, May 19th, that STEAM overflowed at Inventionland, when a group of tomorrow’s leaders from The Kiski School culminated their semester by presenting their[…]