Bringing Transformational Value to Students & Teachers Alike

At the core beginning of Inventionland, CEO and founder Mr. George Davison set out to transform the ordinary work environment by creating a unique space that would inspire. As we fast forward to present day, Inventionland has become the hub for what now serves as a source for not only forward-thinking ideas and innovation, but[…]

Warmest Wishes for Happy Holidays and an Innovative New Year!

  In all of the hustle and bustle this busy holiday week can bring, we want to pause for a moment to wish everyone a safe, happy holiday and a very merry New Year. As we celebrate the season with our family and friends, we’re able to reflect back on what an exciting year 2015[…]

What a Difference a Few Months Makes! See a Custom Makerspace We Created in Action!

It may be one thing for us to explain our capabilities in designing a creative space that allows students to immerse themselves in hands-on, project-based learning. But, to see a group of students doing just that in a space that we played a major role in creating takes all that talk to an entirely new[…]

Our STEAM is Building for a Fantastic Fall!

The air is getting a little cooler; the leaves are turning brilliant colors; and, football season has returned! Fall is definitely in the air and around here, that means a whole lot of STEAM to power us through the colder months ahead! We’ve recently shared exciting news about the new places and makerspaces where you[…]

The Kiski School’s Custom Makerspace in the Making is Almost Complete!

A couple weeks ago, we gave you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the work that our Inventionland design team was doing to customize tools and equipment for The Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania’s newest addition, an inventing makerspace! Just last week, we loaded every custom-made magnetic dry-erase board, high-back desk, hammer, drill, clamp and other[…]

An Exclusive Look at a Custom Makerspace in the Making!

Just as The Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, prepares to kick off their second semester of Inventionland Institute curriculum, our team of designers is putting the finishing touches on the school’s creative makerspace. This renovation project has been going on since early this summer and we’ve shared a few sneak peeks on social media; but,[…]

Not Just Your Everyday Inventing Curriculum…

Without a doubt, 3D printing, STEM education¬†and project-based learning are three aspects of our inventing curriculum that we tout when we’re meeting with educators who are interested in upping the innovative options around their schools. But, in addition to helping institutions implement those aspects into their coursework through our curriculum, we’re actually able to help[…]