DuBois Business College Students Complete Inventing Curriculum with Innovative Presentations!

Our creative design facility is always bursting with new designs, prototypes and products; but, last week, two groups of students from the DuBois Business College brought a little extra innovation to Inventionland. As part of our interactive, 9-step inventing course developed out of our Education Division, the groups began their journey into real-world inventing at our creative space. After a[…]

Two New Student Groups are Springing into Real-World Inventing!

OK, it may be just a bit early to start touting spring’s arrival; but, as the season of renewal nears, we’re excited to announce that two new student groups will be giving our inventing curriculum a fresh new start! Recently we welcomed a group of twelve high school students from The Kiski School to our creative[…]

Snapping Selfies in the Name of STEM!

As if there aren’t already enough great things about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, it truly is amazing how being involved in these core fields allows you to branch out and meet other enthusiastic educators and STEM education support agencies. Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with representatives from the Greater Southern Tier[…]

Starting the School Year Full STEAM Ahead!

Most students around the nation are getting settled in their desks as the 2015 back-to-school season is underway. For several Pennsylvania schools, this school year will be powered by a little STEAM and project-based learning, thanks to the addition of our state-of-the-art Inventionland Institute inventing curriculum and some of the customized tools that go with it. Here[…]